New Music Video – “Beauty and the Beast”

Hello Friends!

I’m so excited to share with you all my brand new music video for the Theme from “Beauty and the Beast”, featuring cellist Armen Ksajikian. Armen was actually a cellist on the original animated film that Disney released over 20 years ago, so I am so excited he joined me on my own rendition of this beloved classic!

Not only do I love the original film and am excited to see the new live action version this weekend, but the MUSIC is one that I really connect with. I don’t do a lot of “cover songs”, but I had to do this one, particularly the epilogue theme because it prominently features the piano.

A lot of hard work went into this – and I’m proud to say this is my first official music video that I edited myself.  I also arranged the music, did the orchestration, and produced everything.

I hope that you will stay and watch to the very end – as I share a very special message about a personal experience I had the day of shooting this video. I hope that it touches you and helps even just one of you out there.

I would love to see this video go viral-ish, if you wouldn’t mind sharing with your friends and family and helping me to get the video out there, that would be so appreciated.

And last but not least, if you aren’t already part of my Patreon team, I personally invite you to stop by and check it out and see if it’s something that you can do. Did you know that I don’t really make money off of making these music videos? I do it because I love it, it’s a passion of mine, and I want to share something beautiful and uplifting with the world. But they aren’t cheap to make – but everyone gets to enjoy them for free. Please consider becoming part of my team, and also enjoying some really great rewards for doing so.

Thank you!


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