Jennifer Thomas – Winter Symphony (Album Trailer)

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“Winter Symphony” is my new Christmas album that will be releasing in November 2015. I’m so excited to share it with you!

This video is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album, as well as a chance for you to hear never-before heard sneak peeks of the songs from the album. I have been keeping this under tight wraps and so this video is the first peek into the music! Enjoy!

Video filmed by Tickled Trails
Edited by Jennifer Thomas

Album Production Credits:
Produced by Jennifer Thomas and Glen Gabriel

All songs written and/or arranged by Jennifer Thomas

Orchestrated by Glen Gabriel
Mixing by Brian Vibberts
Mastering by Christofer Stannow
Jennifer Thomas – Piano, Violin

Taylor Davis – Violin (“What Child Is This”)
Felicia Farerre – Soprano (“Alleluia”)
The Chochin Chamber Orchestra
Produced and Recorded by Ricky Kej
Conducted by Herald Antony
Recorded at Muzic Ministry, Cochin, India
Select players from
The Salt Lake Pops Orchestra,
and the Utah Symphony
Nathaniel Drew, Conductor
Contractor – Rebecca Moench
Michael Green – Recording Engineer
MetCom Studios, Salt Lake City, UT

Aaron Ashton
Emily-Day Shumway
Martha Thompson
Kathy Langr
Rebecca Moench
John Shin
Julie Wunderie
Rob Landes,
Jakob Hofer
Jesse Massey

Dane Snow
Candi Wagner
Leslie Richards
Whitney Thomas
Candace Wagner
Danae Wardell Snow

Nicole PInnell
Cassie Olson

Orchestral transcriptions – Sheila Bateman
The Ensign Chorus
Rob Archibald – Conductor
Sheila Bateman – Assistant Choral Conductor,
Assistant Choral Arranger
Brenda Moore*, Melissa Sturgis, Chanin Mauery, Kristy Lloyd, Christa Bingham, Melina Karu, Sarah Loveless*, Bonnie Thomas, Jen Griffith, Lynn Watkins, Shanda Jones, Lynne Hennessey, Mindee Viscalla, Amy Weatherford, Maer Robertson, Jennifer Maner
Diana Schill, Tamara Bell, Shauna Tyler, Elaine Tsang, Sue Ellen Vincent, Sue Smith, Theresa Oliver, Kim Pierce, Krista Lee Bement, Erin Gee, Sariah Murdock, Jaimee Kesterson, Anne Christiansen, Candace Duce, Katherine Gee Perrone, Christine Gifford, Jodi Fowles, Suzie Reese, Bridgette Pierce, Melinda Pidgeon, Jen Griffith, Mindee Viscalla
Chris Vogelsberg, Steve Bement, Howard Horne, Tom Massey, Anthony Criddle, Frederic DeWulf, Cindy Knapp, Scott Denninghoff, Alison Herron, Suzie Reese, Bridgette Pierce
Ed Thompson, Jim Hadley, Peter Henderson, Nick Stetich, Larry Steele, Joe Jones, David Florer, Dan Knapp, Bryon Perry, Joseph Gee, Stephen Weatherford, Russ Hall, Sid Herron, Jeston Hays, Greg Keyes, Francis Mensah, Kevin Campbell
*Soprano soloists on Ice Dance, and Angels We Have Heard on High
Choir recorded at
St. Thomas Chapel at Bastyr University
Bastyr production team assembled and managed by David Sabee
Kory Kruckenberg – Lead Recording Engineer
David Sabee – Recording Session Producer
John Winters – ProTools Engineer
Jon Schluckebier – Stage Manager
Lars Nefzger – Consulting engineer
Zak Dewey – Consulting engineer
Album artwork design by Jordan Buetow

Cover Photo by Will Thomas
Tickled Trails Photography

Photography by Kat Hennessey
Hair/makeup by Kat Hennessey
Production assistant – Sarah Davis, Carolynne Guinup,
Richard Guinup, Erin Guinup
Jewelry styled by Jessica Chavez
Piano Location – Skelley Pianos, Tacoma, WA
Piano in Winter Forest composite art design by
Ryan K. McNeal

Additional photography by Will Thomas
Tickled Trails Photography
Hair/makeup by Jennifer Thomas
Jewelry styled by Jessica Chavez
Piano location – The Thomas home

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