Do you have sheet music available?

Yes, all the sheet music is available for sale from my website Store. Currently songs are available in single PDF downloads, but I hope to have full album songbooks available in Winter of 2015

Do you sell your orchestral backup tracks?

This is something I get asked quite a lot, but the answer is no. These are my babies and if I were to allow everyone access to my backup tracks, I would lose the ability to remain unique when it comes to performances and concerts. But I have had several people create their own orchestration or backups to perform my songs with—and I’ve been quite impressed! One person wrote out the orchestra parts for “Will’s Song” and had a small chamber orchestra perform with her. Even I haven’t written all of my orchestra parts out….sheesh! 😉

What inspires you to write music? Or, what is your composition process?

Sometimes I write music for the technical challenge of it, but most often I write for the emotional side. Or better put – music derived from life experiences.

Inspiration comes to me in a few different ways. One way, is that I’m a very visual person. When I dream or brainstorm, I often think in colors or images. For example, if I think of a beach I will think of what color the sky is, what color the water is, is it day or night? Are there people on the beach, what is the mood, what are the sounds that I hear? Those types of visual/mental images get me to a place where I start to hear the “soundtrack” for that image.

Another form of inspiration for me is simply listening to music. I always get ideas when I listen to Classical radio, or go to a concert, or what not. My song “Romance Theme” came to me after seeing a YouTube video of a short film where the music was recorded backwards. I thought it was a genius idea and the beginning of that piece I recorded a few measures and then reversed it.

Lastly, feelings. I am greatly inspired by the little moments I experience as a wife and a mother. A warm embrace from my husband, or watching my little boys learn new things, explore their world, or watching them sleep. These are all great sources of musical inspiration.

Who are some of your favorite composers or artists?

My favorite Classical artist is concert violinist Hilary Hahn. Out of all the fabulous violinists out there, I really prefer her style the most. And I like her personality – she is very down to earth. I love reading her journal from her website.

I also love the music of Paul Schwartz, Josh Groban, and Hailey Westenra. I really love so many different types of music it is hard to only say a few. But the ones I have mentioned are who I prefer to listen to when I want to sit down and listen to music.

That being said, I also love the music of OneRepublic – which you will soon hear a version of their song “Secrets” on my upcoming album. I also love Linkin Park, and as much as I don’t want to admit this – I do like to jam to Justin Timberlake.

I love film music, so composers like Hans Zimmer, John Williams, etc. catch my ear. And of course the Classics like Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Satie, etc. will always have a place in my heart.

What is your goal with your music?

To be perfectly honest, I don’t care about becoming famous. I’ve never sought to be signed to a record label, or to be a household name. All that I truly want is for my music to be found talented. There are plenty of talent-LESS artists out there who are household names. I would prefer to be considered talented and remain a normal human being. I just want to create music to my greatest capacity and for others to think “Gee that really is great music” too.

On my musical bucket list though, I would have to say that I would love to someday record a film score on a live sound stage with a full symphony orchestra. That would be exciting.

Where can I listen to you live in concert? Will you come perform in my city?

Click here to visit my new Concerts page for more information on upcoming shows.

I’m just starting to compose my own music. Any advice for me?

I love hearing from other musicians and aspiring composers. Please email me directly at, or visit my blog as I try to write quite frequently regarding my methods and processes in music.