Jennifer Thomas’ music has been used in major Film, TV, commercial work, and independent projects. Most usage licenses can be purchased through Pump Audio – where Jennifer has some of her released music for licensing. The prices will be dependent on the type of project you are using the music for. A list of current songs available through Pump Audio are:

  • Old Movie Romance
  • The Red Aspens
  • Somewhere
  • The Tempest
  • Sospiro
  • Romance Theme
  • Last Hope
  • A Beautiful Storm
  • Prelude in F
  • Release
  • You By My Side
  • Suite Dreams
  • Will’s Song
  • Pure

If you are interested in licensing a song that is either not on the above list, or working with Jennifer outside the realms of Pump Audio, please contact her directly at In your email, please be specific in your information, including:

  1. What type of project do you plan to use the music for? (i.e. advertising, corporate, programming, film, YouTube, etc.)
  2. What format are you working in? (i.e. podcast, radio advertising, TV advertising, web/mobile, website, TV promo, web promo, film trailer, etc.)
  3. Where will the film appear? (U.S. only, worldwide, etc.)
  4. What coverage are you looking for? (non-exclusive, perpetual distribution rights, length of time of usage)
  5. What is your budget for the project?

You can visit Pump Audio (also known as Getty Images) by clicking here