Jennifer Thomas is a top Billboard charting artist, an award winning American pianist, violinist, composer, performing artist, recording artist, and a Yamaha artist. She is equally well known for her classical covers and her original compositions.

As the child of artists and musicians, Jennifer found her calling early, quickly distinguishing herself as a performer. And once she discovered that she could make her own musical rules, her creativity shifted into high gear; fueled by passion and hard work, she has been putting out both high quality and imaginative works ever since.

Jennifer has won awards across the spectrum for her songs, albums, and film scores. She’s collaborated with Grammy winners, world famous choirs and orchestras, and her mom. When not composing or recording, she can be found kayaking in the ocean, cheering on her ultra-marathon runner husband or playing Legos with her three sons. 


A versatile and multi award-winning American pianist, violinist, composer, and filmmaker, Jennifer Thomas performed as a soloist with symphonies and orchestras before striking out on her own as a successful recording artist in 2007. Jennifer's compositions and classical covers have found favor on the Billboard classical and classical crossover charts, and her music has been used in film, television, as well as in the sporting world as her music is a particular favorite in the international sport of figure skating. A native of Seattle, Washington, Jennifer began her formal musical training at home at the age of five — her mother is also a pianist and composer. She studied piano at Brigham Young University-Idaho, where she performed with the school’s piano ensemble and played violin in its symphony. Upon graduating, the in-demand multi-instrumentalist performed with Salt Lake City’s Murray Symphony, the Temple Square Concert Series, and the Oregon Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra, and worked for the Seattle Symphony in their educational department. During this time Jennifer began composing her own pieces, drawing on her deep knowledge of classical music to craft instrumental works that were both steeped in tradition, and experimental and cinematic. 

Thomas has released 7 studio albums to date, the latest being Classical Reimagined, Vol. 1 (Dec 2023) which debuted at Number 2 on the Billboard Traditional Classical Charts. Prior to this release, Jennifer's 2018 The Fire Within featuring the English Session Orchestra and recorded at Abbey Road Studios - debuted at number two on the Billboard Classical Crossover chart, number three on the Billboard classical chart, and number 24 on the Heatseekers chart among all genres of music. Jennifer has also produced, directed, and edited several music films for her music - many of which have been selected for film festivals across the globe, and have won many awards for cinematography, women in film, and her music.

Jennifer will be releasing her highly anticipated 8th studio album, Oceans, on June 7th, 2024.

Jennifer's music has been enjoyed in concert halls coast to coast from Carnegie Hall to Benaroya Hall both in solo format and with large symphony orchestras.  Both her music and videos have garnered numerous awards and recognitions across the globe for her unique cinematic style, as well as earning over a half-billion worldwide streams on various streaming platforms, including being in the top 0.05% most listened to artists on Pandora. Her music is widely used in the world of sports, and has been featured in both the 2021/2022 Summer and Winter Olympic Games, and countless figure skating competitions around the world including the World Figure Skating Championships, US Figure Skating Championships and many more. She is an active member of the Recording Academy (National Academy of Recording Arts Sciences), a member of the Alliance of Women Film Composers, an ASCAP member, and proud to be a Yamaha endorsed artist.  Jennifer produces all of her music independently, and is also represented by the Avex Entertainment Record Label in Asia, has done projects for Warner Chappell, and more.

Along with releasing "Oceans" in June 2024, Jennifer is also currently working on 9 film projects as well as a new recording project with Audio Network. Please sign up for Jennifer's newsletter for updates.

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