Jennifer's Passion in Filmmaking...

Since as long as I have been producing music, I have merged my ideas of cinematic music with my own background in Classical music. Not only do I love the emotion that film scores can evoke, but I also am passionate about the stories that can be told when you combine incredible music with the visual arts.

Even when I sit down at my piano to compose, I often see the stories in my mind already and feel as though I am scoring the songs to the stories in my mind's fantasies.

I have been creating video content on my YouTube channel since 2007, and it's evolved over the years from simple vlogs, concert videos, to now my work in creating music films. I have had the honor of working with some of the most amazing talent in the independent film industry in terms of producer, directors, and cinematography.

Since 2017, my husband (Will Thomas) and I started to venture out on our own to create music films/videos. The first couple of videos we produced were just he and I hauling my piano and violin around in "A Beautiful Storm", and filming aboard a pirate ship in NYC for "I Saw Three Ships".

My latest project "Etude For the Dreamer" was one of my most ambitious film projects so far, as I aimed to recreate fairytales and magic in a visually stunning way to music. This film has gone on to win several film festival awards including Best Cinematography, Best Music, Best Score, and many more.

I write, direct, produce, and edit my films while my husband, Will, is the man behind the camera creating the amazing cinematography.

I have now been in the process of creating 9 various film projects, including several new videos for my 2024 album "Oceans", as well as a documentary.

I'm absolutely love creating films just as much as I love creating music. Please visit my YouTube channel to see my work, and if you are in a position to want to support my endeavors and gain access to exclusive content and rewards please consider becoming a patron on Patreon. It would mean the world to me. All of my patron funds go to support making my films, which I do not earn revenue from other than some very small ad payments from Google oan YouTube. I make these films because of my passion for it, and to hopefully make the world a little more beautiful.

- Jennifer

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More about Jennifer's Patreon...

Here is an overview of why I have a Patreon set up to help support my filmmaking.

Directing using the DJI RavenEye

For Jennifer's 2024 film "Underwater Carnival Ride"

Sneak Peek...

From Jennifer's 2024 film release for her new album "Oceans"

Jennifer's latest award-winning film "Etude For the Dreamer"

In this short film / music video, composer and pianist Jennifer Thomas takes you on a journey, leaving her NYC apartment and steps into a dreamworld through various fairytales and discovers that all that magic you need is already before you. Take the glasses off and take a look around you.

Go behind-the-scenes of the making of "Etude For the Dreamer"

The Fire Within

From the stage at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, to the Mojave Desert in Southern CA, watch this fiery display of passion from Jennifer Thomas and The Rogue Pianist.

Watch the making of "The Fire Within"